Wadi Kashmir Technical Services Contracting LLC provides plastering services to customers who need to coat, protect, or decorate internal walls and ceilings. We offer a mixture of gypsum, lime, or cement with water and sand. We have a team of professionals who can use plastering as a technique to create architectural moldings and many other designs of your choice. Moreover, the plaster does not shrink while setting and is light in weight.


Our team is available 24/7 to answer your queries and give you expert advice for your place.

We have experts who are always ready to fulfill your requirements. Whatever your needs are, we are here for you.

Once we get to know what your requirements are, we plan and implement them as soon as possible.


Our plaster is designed of materials that make it far more durable than the modern drywall. It dries to an extremely hard surface and is fire resistant. Additionally, it does not have any problems with water damage.

At Wadi Kashmir Technical Services Contracting LLC, you can opt for a conventional and refined design or a new contemporary one. We can also mold, cast incise, dye, and stamp the plaster according to your needs.

We strive to save our customers’ precious time. We offer speedy plaster installation so you can have your product as soon as possible. You can also add some decorative touches to your ceilings.

Our thermal glass units help to prevent heat loss through glass doors and windows. They consist of two panes separated by inert gas and keep homes warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.

By absorbing sound waves, plaster makes conversation clear as if it reduces reverberation time, even in the loudest situations. Sound absorption is critical to the overall room aesthetics especially when there is a high volume of people.

We take pride in offering plaster that is highly resistant to knocks and dents than other materials. Our plaster professionals make sure to give you the best plaster services that match your needs. 

Our plaster offers lower thermal conductivity than any other. It is a good insulating material as it does not let heat pass through easily. These plasters help to optimize the capacity of materials and reduce energy consumption.