False Ceilings and Light Partitions

Plumbing and sanitary installations are critical to comfortable living. Considering this need, Wadi Kashmir Technical Services Contracting LLC offers top-notch plumbing and sanitary installations. We have a team of experts who use high-quality pipes that are fitted with skill and finesse. These pipes maintain an effective drainage system and ensure the supply of water. We also provide regular maintenance to assure the water pressure is exactly how it should be.


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At Wadi Kashmir Technical Services Contracting LLC, we offer top-notch material that has little or no chance of emergency repairs. We assure you that the material we use is high-quality and won’t let you down.

Waste is a critical problem in plumbing and sanitation. Our workers utilize material in the best way to reduce waste problems. We ensure to promote a clean and healthy environment for our customers.

Our thermal glass units help to prevent heat loss through glass doors and windows. They consist of two panes separated by inert gas and keep homes warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Sanitation and plumbing is a complex process and often costs more than expected. However, we provide all the material that gives you the advantage of greater energy savings. Contact us today for affordable plumbing and sanitation.

Comfort and beauty are as important as less wastage and energy savings. We take care of everything and ensure you have a presentable and comfortable facility for yourself. Our mantra is to give you extraordinary services.